2 Events - April 5 and April 8

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  1. Waterfront Redevelopment - A Civic Discussion

Mills Hardware - 95 King St. E.

Wednesday, 8 April 2015 from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM

 Bay Area Restoration Council Public Forum
This event will feature a conversation with experts from the City of Hamiton and two leading local design firms about the current state of planning for West Harbour redevelopment, the process for next steps, and successes being implemented in other urban waterfronts.

Keynote Address
Chris Phillips, Senior Advisor
Planning and Economic Development Department
City of Hamilton
Graham McNally, Principal
Toms + McNally Design
Paul Shaker, Principal

BARC website: http://www.hamiltonharbour.ca/index.php?page=index&p=events_at_a_glance

2. North End 5th Annual Easter Eggtravaganza

WHEN : Sunday April 5 (Rain Day April 6)

TIME :   1:00 p.m. Games and Activities
               1:45 p.m. The HUNT begins. 
(the HUNT will be divided into different age categories)
WHERE : Jackie Washington Park (Wellington St & Simcoe)

City Building And Transportation

City Building and Transportation with guest Ken Seiling - Chair, Regional Municipality of Waterloo

Free admission

Tickets (free) available at: The Useful Knowledge Society of Hamilton

Tuesday, 3 March 2015 from 7 to 9:00 PM (doors open at 6:30)

Mills Hardware - 95 King Street East 

The evening will start out with a talk from Ken Seiling, then a audience discussion. 

For more information, please see the article on Raise The Hammer



Thanks to all for attending the Open House Jan. 29, even in the snowy, cold weather.  Almost $100 was raised for the Children's Breakfast program coordinated by North Hamilton Health Centre.  Discussions and comments were lively! -  Participatory Budgeting, Community Land Trust, Traffic Management Plan, Ontario Municipal Board Appeal, Noise and more. 

A summary of the tables is being prepared and will be posted.

Neighbourhood Open House

 Neighbourhood Open House!

 Meet your neighbours, discuss local issues 

On Thursday January 29th, drop in to the

North End Neighbours' first open house of 2015

at St. Luke's Church (454 John St. N).

From 7 to 9 pm we invite all North End residents to enjoy light refreshments and discuss local issues with
other interested neighbours. Members of the NEN Board
of Directors will facilitate a variety of constructive discussions in a friendly and respectful atmosphere.

Topics will include:
West Harbour development
Participatory budgeting for Ward 2
Traffic plans and noise concerns
Parks, schools and community land trust updates

The event is free, and we will also be collecting donations for the Children's Breakfast Club 


North End Traffic Video 2009


Picton Library

To all North Enders; here is the recommendation (Below Letter) from the Chief Librarian in regards to what is there desired direction for Library Service for the North End of Hamilton. As President of North End Neighbours and a resident it is sad to see that the Library Board has recommended that the partnership with North Hamilton Community Health Centre is not a working relationship that the Board can work with. I would like to point out a few things in the Boards argument against relocating the Picton Branch, they as a Board had for years expressed interest in this project now that they are showing short falls in other projects this project in the North End is no longer viable. The Board recommendation mentions increased costs as a concern, as I understand the costs were reduced, the Board as I understand was concerned about a 20 year lease, this as I understand was reduced. The Board was concerned that library patrons would have to walk through a waiting room of a health facility to access the Library Branch, not the case as I understand it would have had an entrance just off the main entrance of the new building. Another concern is that residents of the East End of Hamilton have limited Library service, Kenilworth and Red Hill to the best of my knowledge are not planned to be converted to a Bookmobile. In the Boards own words the partnership would have provided lower operating cost allowed for longer hours of operation and would have accessed a different clientele, how can the Board of Directors for the Library walk away from this, I don’t think they have thought this partnership through thoroughly and for that reason the Neighbourhood of the North End will suffer. My hope is that the elected officials when voting on the recommendation by the Board from the Library reverse this recommendation and either keep status quo (The Picton) or reconsider the NHCHC proposal.

John Mattinson
North End Neighbours

Date: June 11, 2008

To: Chair and Board Members

From: Ken Roberts, Chief Librarian

Subject: North Hamilton Community Health Centre Proposal

That the Library Board no longer consider the option of sharing space with the North Hamilton Community Health Centre in its new facility, and

That the Hamilton Public Library Board continue to operate the current Picton Branch until such time as alternative service delivery can be arranged; and

That the Library Board commits to use any saved funding to improve service in the north and east ends of the city in order to provide improved services to those residents of the city most affected by poverty.

We do not have an agreement with the North Hamilton Community Health Centre. Previous Board motions had directed us to see if an agreement could be reached. Still, architectural fees directly connected with providing for space that the library might use, if an agreement could be reached, were incurred. The Library Board should pay any reasonable and fair architectural fees related to the preliminary design of this space.
The North Hamilton Community Health Centre Board approached the Hamilton Public Library Board with a proposal for a 20 year lease of approximately 1000 square feet in return for a total estimated investment of $200,000, including all furnishings and related work. The Library Board authorized administration to see if an agreement could be reached and expressed support for the concept since it allowed for lower operating costs of a north end branch and, potentially, allowed for longer hours and access to a different clientele.
Several months later the cost estimates were revised to $300,000 for the 20 year period of time. The Library Board still expressed support for the concept.
We learned this last April that the costs have now escalated significantly. The North Hamilton Community Health Centre Board presented two potential solutions at a June 4th special Board meeting. The North Hamilton Community Health also invited the Library Board to submit a counter-proposal. A deadline date of June 20th was given.
Staff have not been directed to prepare a counter-proposal.
Library Board members have expressed a commitment to improve services in the north and eastern areas of the city and have expressed a desire to see limited funds make the biggest impact on literacy issues related to poverty. There are a number of neighbors in this area of the city that currently receive very limited library service.
Staff recommend that the available funds be used to purchase a second bookmobile, one that is accessible and is capable of improving library service.
In terms of performance, the current Picton Branch does about 22,000 circulations a year while a well-used bookmobile can generate almost 10 times as much use with a smaller operating cost. The difference in cost would allow for more outreach programming in order to bring people into libraries and to encourage use. We also hope to partner with community organizations for more wifi access and after-school homework assistance.
In comparison, moving to the NHCHC within the terms that are offered mean that we could only offer limited hours in a fixed location, with no outreach. It means that residents of other areas in the city where there is a need for library service continue to receive nothing within their neighborhoods.

Waterfront Development

North End has its west and north borders at the West Harbour.

West Harbourfront development should not come at the expense of those who call the North End home. We are a residential neighbourhood.

Traffic, both speed and amount, noise, parking are all issues that need to be addressed.

FYI - for more information on the Waterfront go to www.hamilton.ca/wag There's a lot going on here so take a careful look.

A Real Neighbourhood Bank

The Board from North End Neighbours had the pleasure of meeting with Bryan Egan Branch Manager at the Scotiabank. The meeting was a meet and greet and a true pleasure. You may or may not know that the Scotiabank is the only bank located in our neighbourhood, after meeting with Bryan he has indicated that they are truly a neighbourhood bank and plan to be in our neighbourhood for many many years. So as neighbours please consider this bank for your future banking needs.
Bryan Egan can be contacted through his email. Or stop in and see him.


Night Out Event 2008


North End Night Out Sept. 13th, 2007

North End Night Out Sept. 13th, 2007
A good time was had by all.

Bunge Bridge Over Burlington Street

Bunge Bridge Over Burlington Street
Principal Nancy D’Olimpio St Lawrence

Bunge Bridge over Burlington Street

Bunge Bridge over Burlington Street
Principal Mrs Millen Bennetto

July 12th 2007

July 12th 2007
10 Years After Plastimet

Environmental Concerns

North End Neighbours is committed to our environment. We believe that every individual, business and institution has a responsibility to share in that commitment. The following are some environmental issues that we are following... Waterfront Development, Local Industrial Development, Litter and Pollution issues.